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60 minute FREE training class - AVAILABLE IMMEDIATELY ON REGISTRATION - grab a drink, pen and pad and start today.

On this call you'll learn how to...


Identify the perfect clients for your unique combination of skills, knowledge and experience.


Create an effective, structured teaching programme your clients will love - and gets results every time!


Plan your promotional campaigns using social media mastery and start selling your course on autopilot.

Introducing Richard Haywood

Online Marketing Expert

Richard has more than 20 years experience with online marketing, creating six figure businesses and long running courses and programmes such as:

"Richard has supported me with his strategic vision, marketing skills and technical knowledge for more than a year, co-creating more than $20k in sales! His advice is priceless."

Susan Elizabeth Reis, Sound Therapist

"I’ve been working with Richard for over a decade and during this time he has continually supported all my projects. From website and brochure design to formatting and sending out all my course materials, discussing marketing ideas, filming and enabling webinars and workshops, organising events and sending the regular emails and mail shots, Richard has always been there. He is incredibly supportive, enthusiastic and knowledgable, and I recommend him to all my friends, particularly when they are thinking of starting up a business."

Chrissie Astell, Author & Spiritual Educator

"I’ve been working with Richard for nearly 20 years. He provides friendly, comprehensive marketing knowledge and service, both online and offline services, and covering everything from the broad strategy to the smallest detail. Highly recommended."

Darren Linton, Spiritual Teacher
Guided By Angels

"Thank you for helping me step forward into various marketing and media needs to lift my profile and take my business up to the next level. I’ve enjoyed working together and I particularly value your support and expertise – especially on the technical side – in all things media/marketing. I’ve also found your empathy and understanding of the spiritual and holistic sectors beneficial; it does make a difference!"

Louise Exeter, Angel Teacher

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